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Vampire Facial

The Vampire Facial  (Vampire Lift), also known as micro-needling with PRP, is a cosmetic procedure that involves drawing approximately 30 cc of blood from your arm, separating and condensing regenerative growth (healing) factors, and applying them back onto your face. The micro-needling has a two-fold approach. 1) it stimulates the stem cell regeneration of the skin that undergoes micro-needling, and 2) it creates micro-perforations on the skin in which the platelet-rich plasma growth factors can easily be absorbed.  

The combination is a two-factor regenerative cosmetic process which is labeled the Vampire Facial. 

Length of Time for a Vampire Facial Procedure

From beginning to end most procedures will take about one hour. It generally takes 15-20 minutes to draw your blood and concentrate the platelet-rich plasma growth factors in a centrifuge. Then the remainder of the procedure entails the doctor or nurse practitioner needling the skin and applying the PRP.  

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Kim Vampire Facial

Although the doctor in this news report claims there is no evidence to support this procedure, the research proves otherwise. In fact, micro-needling alone shows the following results:

Patients received one to six consecutive monthly micro-needling treatments. All scars improved at least 50 percent after an average of 2.5 treatments. Over 80 percent of patients had 50 to 75 percent improvement, and 65 percent of patients demonstrated over 75 percent improvement. 

Review the research for yourself: Microneedling of Scars: A Large Prospective Study with Long-Term Follow-Up NIH.

How many PRP Facial Treatments are Needed

That depends on the objective of the procedure. One treatment is sufficient for general skin maintenance. However, if the patient is trying to improve skin imperfections like acne scars or other irregularities that are more severe, it can take multiple procedures. A Vampire Facial cannot achieve the impossible after one treatment. The process is minimally invasive. However, over time, the body’s natural healing mechanisms, due to stem cell regeneration from the micro-needle trauma, will improve skin texture, increase collagen formation, and enhance visible smoothness. 

Vampire Facial Recovery Time

Because the Vampire Facial is designed to be a minimally invasive procedure, there is literally zero downtime. You may experience a little readiness following the procedure, but within 20-30 minutes skin color returns to normal coloration for most people. The benefit of micro-needling is to offer a regenerative cosmetic procedure offering facial rejuvenation without the inconvenience of patient downtime. That’s the reason many prefer the Vampire Facial over more invasive procedures like a pixel laser treatment or acid peeling. 

Vampire Facial Treatment Costs

Costs for the Vampire Facial may vary depending on the clinic and the type of kits used to create the platelet-rich plasma. Many clinics will also offer steep discounts for those patients that sign up for a significant number of procedures. Generally speaking, one can expect to pay between $875 and $1,250 USD for a quality Vampire Facial procedure. Much of this is the result of the PRP kits used to centrifuge the equipment and the practitioner’s time to thoroughly needle the skin. 

Maintenance Schedule for Vampire Facials

For those individuals committed to keeping their skin with a youthful and tight appearance, we recommend doing the Vampire Facial on a quarterly basis – approximately 4 sessions per year beginning in your late twenties. Some may want to start earlier if they are in the sun a lot or have prior sun damage to their skin. The key to facial skin elasticity is minimizing sun exposure and periodically stimulating the skin with micro-needling.  

Vampire Facial Conclusion

The Vampire Facial has been researched and studied for several years now. Micro-needling and platelet-rich plasma play an important role in cosmetic facial maintenance procedures. It is another valuable procedure in the toolkit that doctors can use to help rejuvenate the health and beauty of the skin. Over time it can offer an even greater result by reducing scar visibility, sun damage, and minor skin imperfections. 

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