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Costa Rica es uno de los 5 principales destinos de turismo médico en el mundo.

Blood Testing in Costa Rica

Many vacationers traveling to Costa Rica never think about taking a few short moments to explore the tremendous value they can receive from an anti-aging and weight loss program by Age Metrics Medical Costa Rica. Age Metrics Medical team has provided cutting-edge anti-aging and regenerative medicine services to tourists in Costa Rica since 2013.

Hormone Testing for Men

We offer a wide range of biomarker testing for men related to hormone replacement and anti-aging therapy. The testing looks at key hormone levels for testosterone, free testosterone, IGF-1 (HGH production), cancer screening, PSA, Thyroid, Lipids, and overall wellness of the individual. The results are back in the doctor’s hands within 4 hours. What this means is you can immediately set up a consultation to learn how your biomarkers can be optimized.

At the Age Metrics Anti-Aging Clinic, you will save roughly 60-70% on hormone replacement therapy compared to USA prices. This is especially true for one of the most important hormones growth hormone.

Hormone Testing for Women

We offer a wide range of biomarker testing for women related to hormone replacement and anti-aging therapy. And no, you do not need to be going through menopause to benefit from these tests. In fact, if you have lived off the standard American diet for the majority of your life, there is a good chance you can improve your quality of life by testing and optimizing your hormone levels. Especially if you are trying to lose weight.

Hormone Blood Testing in Costa Rica

Dr Jeff Ugalde Anti-Aging Costa Rica at Momentum

Jeff Ugalde, M.D.

Director Médico

Dr. Jeff Ugalde Anti-Aging Costa Rica

Certificado por la Junta en Medicina Antienvejecimiento y Regenerativa por la Academia Americana de Medicina Antienvejecimiento. 

Testing Hormones at Home Versus Costa Rica

The benefit of testing your hormone levels while in Costa Rica are many. First, the medications prescribed for hormone replacement and weight loss are much cheaper than in the United States. So if you choose any of our therapies, you will save roughly 60-70% of the amount you would normally invest for similar treatment in the United States. In fact, most Americans can’t afford optimal hormone replacement therapy which includes growth hormone replacement. HGH, the popular anti-aging hormone,  is just way too expensive for most people in the United States.

How long Does it Take to Get Hormone Blood Testing Results in Costa Rica?

The results from blood testing are typically returned to us within 4 hours after submission. Patients usually come in the early morning to get their blood drawn, then return back in the afternoon for the doctor consultation.

How Long Before I Receive The Results?

As we stated earlier, blood test results in Costa Rica are delivered to our doctor only 4 hours after the initial blood draw is made. Not the normal 4-7 days you have to wait from Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, or other legacy blood test labs in the States. What that means is your process is streamlined. From your test to receiving your treatment is all done on the very same day. No waiting and no distractions. We are at your service to deliver the best anti-aging and hormone replacement anywhere.

Do you Test Hormones from Saliva or Blood?

We do all hormone testing with blood which are the most accurate tests for the biomarkers we look at for anti-aging and hormone replacement therapy. A lot of saliva testing came about to make it easier to test hormone levels at home. They simply mail the test kit to someone’s home and they can test, ship it back, and wait a week or so for the results. Often these results may be unreliable or inaccurate since there are a number of mistakes that can be made throughout the process of “chain of custody” when doing home testing.

Because we are prescribing medications based on the test results, we only use blood draws from a trained phlebotomist and a certified national blood laboratory to confirm the test results.

Can I trust the Doctors in Costa Rica?

Yes! Costa Rica is known as one of the leading healthcare systems in the world. Medical tourism is huge for Costa Rica and many Costa Rican doctors receive training and certifications in the United States. Our medical director, Dr. Jeff Ugalde, MD is also a US citizen. That’s right, he holds dual US/Costa Rica citizenship. Part of his education was completed in the United States. He is also board-certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine by the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine commonly referred to as the A4M.

Is Anti-Aging Therapy for Real?

As of 2019, Anti-Aging is real in humans. The first ever peered review study in humans completed by researchers from Stanford and UCLA confirmed that “biological age” was reversed in men after taking a 1-year protocol of human growth hormone, metformin (a diabetic medication used to reduce insulin levels), DHEA, Vitamin D, and Zinc. They used the popular “Horvath Clock” to calculate biological age versus chronological age which is just the passage of time. They found that the men using this protocol reversed their biological age by 2.5 years over the span of 12 months.

Of course, more studies are needed, but needless to say, our anti-aging medical team has been delivering this same protocol essentially since 2013 in Costa Rica. The 2019 TRIIM Study was essentially put together based on the groundwork set in place by anti-aging doctors around the world using HGH and other hormones to help individuals reverse the effects of aging and age-related chronic diseases like obesity, heart disease, and cancers.

Learn more about our Protocolo TRIIM Antienvejecimiento and Coaching here.

Will Hormone Therapy Help me Lose Weight?

Yes. Most individuals undergoing hormone replacement therapy will usually see improved body composition within a few weeks after receiving hormone replacement therapy. This is partly due to the fact that once depleted hormone levels are restored, the body begins to function more efficiently. Energy metabolism tends to improve. Muscle tone improves and body fat diminishes.

We tend to combine our hormone replacement therapy with diet and weight loss nutritional coaching if needed. Generally, by following a low-carbohydrate diet, insulin levels are controlled, and the combined hormone replacement therapy and healthy lifestyle help restore body composition. For those struggling with a BMI greater than 30, we can also prescribe weight loss medication like Saxenda or Wegovy. Both of these medications are GLP-1 agonists and reduce hunger and increase energy metabolism.

How Long Do I Have to Remain on Hormone Therapy?

You can remain on or come off of hormone therapy at any time. It’s best to consult with our medical team so that we can reduce any negative side effects. Normally most people will remain on hormone replacement therapy indefinitely. It becomes a fun lifestyle in that they are operating at their optimal potential related to fitness, energy, and healthy aging. However, we understand that financial situations don’t allow everyone to live like Jeff Bezos and others on life extension protocols, so individuals may cycle on and off therapy. The great advantage of working with our clinic in Costa Rica is we can help you save significantly on therapies that include human growth hormone, and weight loss like Saxenda and Wegovy.

How Much Does Your Hormone Testing and Consultation Cost?

The full cost for a comprehensive blood test panel with includes your key hormone levels is $550 USD. This includes face-to-face consultation with our board-certified anti-aging doctor.

Can I same Money in Costa Rica Testing Hormones and Doing an Anti-Aging Program?

You will save a significant amount on medical fees and prescription fees in Costa Rica. This includes the same FDA-approved medications by the same pharmaceutical manufacturers. This is one of the reasons Costa Rica remains one of the top 5 medical tourism destinations in the world.

Prefer to Order Your Test in the USA?

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Rejuvenecimiento & Estética

Varias opciones médicas de pérdida de peso. HCG, GLP-1 miméticos, y otras alternativas. 

HGH, DHEA, metformina prescrita en base al estudio TRIIM 2019.

Terapias de reemplazo hormonal con hormonas Bioidénticas para hombres y mujeres. 

Ordene su análisis de sangre de terapia de hormonas bioidénticas en los Estados Unidos.

Platelet rich Plasma for Joint repair

PRP para la reparación de articulaciones

Inyecciones de plasma rico en plaquetas para la reparación de articulaciones. 

Inyecciones de plasma rico en plaquetas para la disfunción eréctil. Otras terapias para la disfunción eréctil. 

Microagujas y plasma rico en plaquetas para el rejuvenecimiento facial. 

Plasma rico en plaquetas y micro-punción para el rejuvenecimiento del folículo piloso. 

BOTOX y Rellenos con acido hialurónico para rejuvenecimiento facial con las mejor marcas disponibles en el mercado. 

Terapias de infusiones Intravenosas

Cóctel de Myers, altas dosis de vitamina C, quelación y mas.


Entrenamiento nutricional para la mejora del metabolismo y pérdida de grasa corporal. Opciones de dietas cetogénicas y a base de alimentos de origen vegetal. 

Ahorre miles en la terapia de hormona de crecimiento para la estatura baja idiopática (ISS) en niños.

Bio-identical hormone replacement with pellet implants. Women and men can benefit.

Cóctel de Myers, altas dosis de vitamina C, quelación y mas.

Ahorre miles en la terapia de hormona de crecimiento para la estatura baja idiopática (ISS) en niños.

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