Metformin for Anti-Aging - Anti-Aging Vacations.

Metformin A Diabetic Medication for Anti-Aging Gene Activation

“Is metformin the key to anti-aging? This common diabetes medication is being studied as a potential anti-aging treatment, with some early research suggesting it may have the ability to extend lifespan and prevent age-related diseases. Learn more about the research on metformin and anti-aging, and find out whether this medication may be right for you as part of your anti-aging regimen.”

Vampire Facial Escazú COSTA RICA

Vampire Facial Costa Rica – Facial Rejuvenation

Vampire Facial Costa Rica Vampire Facial with Platelet-rich Plasma & Microneedling Vampire Facial The Vampire Facial  (Vampire Lift), also known as micro-needling with PRP, is a cosmetic procedure that involves drawing approximately 30 cc of blood from your arm, separating and condensing regenerative growth (healing) factors, and applying them back onto your face. The micro-needling …

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Calorie restriction diet Costa Rica

La restricción calórica aumenta la salud

Calorie Restiction for Anti-Aging and Healthspan Pennington Biomedical’s CALERIE 2 Assessment. The new study used data gathered by Pennington Biomedical’s CALERIE 2 (Comprehensive Assessment of the Long-Term Effects of Reducing Intake of Energy). This is the longest calorie restriction trial observed in humans to date. The new study is published in the journal Science: Calorie …

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